“There are many transitions to endure with a chronic or terminal illness. Every decision made on ‘The Journey’ matters…”

Sally Deane Norton, LPN

“Sally was able to connect with me on a level no one else could. She really understood what I was going through and that I wasn’t alone.”

David, age 55

“Sally helped me navigate the VA system. Her knowledge of policy and government process enabled me to get the care I needed.”

– Marie, age 41

Transitions Matter

Sally Deane Norton: Nurse – Certified End of life Doula -Author – Speaker


Sally Deane Norton is a Licensed Practical Nurse, Certified End of Life Doula, Author, and Speaker who helps people with Transitional Navigation: the term she prefers to use when talking about navigating everything that comes with Chronic illness, Terminal Illness,
The Dying Process, Death and Grief.

Sally has been a practicing nurse in various medical fields including long-term care facilities where she worked with the dying and their families. Sally’s experiences with the death of her own loved ones prompted her to be Certified as an End of Life Doula and to write two books on the subject. Her books chronicle her personal experiences while showing how different people live with chronic illness, death, and grief.

Working as an End of Life Doula Sally has come to view illness, death and loss as a transition from one part of life to the next. She hopes to use her wisdom and experiences to help guide others through this difficult time in their lives with a philosophy she calls Transitional Navigation because all Transitions Matter.

After writing two books and seeing the positive effect they have had on readers, Sally decided she wanted to share her lifetime of lessons and personal experience by speaking for nursing and medical students, nursing homes, veteran’s groups or VAs, independent or dependent living communities, and support groups for terminal illnesses.

Sally likes to use humor, sincerity, and insight to bring light to an often dark and heavy topic so that people can learn how to live a full life even with the influence of a chronic illness.

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