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What a Death Doula or End-of-Life Doula Is

End of Life Doulas provide support to those who are nearing or at the end of their lives. Sally provides information to the dying their partners and family members throughout the different stages of the dying process.

Sally considers her job to be helping facilitate a “Good Death”.

In order to accomplish this goal Sally serves as a consultant, mediator, support system, and an empathetic listener for all involved.
Although Sally is licensed in the state of Florida as an LPN, and her years working in Hospice have given her experience, her role as a Doula is non-medical. Sally is more than willing to advocate for the dying to help ensure they get the medical care they need from the Healthcare support team.

Sally provides consulting services that go beyond the physical needs of the dying she considers their emotional, social, and spiritual needs. Sally does this by educating and empowering the dying and their families on end of life care options.

Sally works for the following:

• The elderly
• The terminally ill
• Those who about to say Goodbye to a loved one or whom have lost a loved one and are grieving
• Pet owners who have lost or are about to face the loss of a pet
• Those who are healthy but want to face their own mortality while they can make decisions for themselves.
• Anyone wanting to plan for the end of life no matter your age

Services Provided:

Initial meeting with client and family to help all discuss advanced care directives, options for the future, help facilitate conversation between client and family members, to ensure that final wishes are understood and documented.

Follow up visits to make sure the plan is being followed and basic needs are being met. Reporting back to family on client’s well-being.
Working with client, listening to their fears, their stories of life and their end of life wishes. Sally also offers legacy projects for a client who wants to share the life they lived and to leave as a remembrance of that life.

Sally consults with families who experience a tragic or sudden death, by helping to navigate burial, grief, and other resources.

There are different Phases of Support that happen during the End of Life Process:
*Developing a plan
*Initiating the plan
*Assuring to the best of everyone’s ability the last days happen as planned
*Provide support and visit during the dying vigil
*Follow up bereavement visit

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Transitions Matter
Sally Norton


Licensed Practical Nurse State of Florida (Multi State) Expiration July 31, 2021
Death Doula Certified IAP
BLS active