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About Sally Deane Norton’s Books

Sally Deane Norton has written two books that cover the topics of losing someone close to you and the grief that follows. Sally wrote her first book, Someone I Love Is Dying, after the death of her father and decided she wanted to share the story of his death with others in hopes it might help them with their grief after losing someone. After losing her husband in November 2013 to a 7 year battle with a form of cancer known as GIST, Sally took to penning her second book. While her first book focused more on a big family’s process of going through grief together, her second book details the love story of Sally and her husband Paul as well as the trials and tribulations of living a life with cancer.

Sally likes to blend humorous and sentimental memories into her stories remind readers that living through the death of a loved one doesn’t mean you should be or will be deeply sad every moment of every day. There will always be warm and fun memories accompanying all of the sad ones. She also likes to include informative wisdom to her stories to help others going through similar situations navigate the more “official” aspects of the dying process. Sally’s books are multi-faceted works that will guide you through difficult times while making you simultaneously laugh and cry.

LYM Cover 300-sm

Love You More:
– love story and the journey

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SILID 300 Cover sm

Someone I Love Is Dying:
-loss and grief; different family memebers dealing with death differently

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